Practice Areas

LLG assists people through the very difficult process of dissolving their marriage, whether it is in the form of an uncontested divorce wherein the parties agree to resolve all issues between them prior to either party filing for divorce or in the form of a contested divorce wherein the parties submit issues between them to the court to decide.

Pre-nuptial Advice
After decades of representing people after their marriage has been “put asunder” LLG has decided to provide legal counsel and services to its clients before they get married either late in life, after they have children or for the second or third time. The objective of this service is to allow clients to go into marriage with a clear understanding of what their legal rights and obligations are in their prospective marriage as well as what they would be in the unfortunate event of a divorce. By clearly defining the parties’ rights in the event of a divorce it is hoped that this will limit the issues to be presented to the Court and thus save the parties both time and money.

From the outset of the LLG practice we have been providing services to assist in the finalization of adoptions whether for married couples or single parents.

Personal Injury
LLG represents persons or their heirs who have been seriously injured due to the negligence of others.  These cases may include, train, automobile, airplane or truck  accidents as well as premises liability wherein injury resulted in the negligent keeping or securing of property.

Criminal Defense
Since the outset of the LLG practice we have been defending persons who are experiencing the life-altering challenge of being accused of a crime and facing the loss of their liberty and/or property.

Entertainment, Arts and Business

LLG represents people and entities in relation to their interests in Entertainment, Arts and Business law in the person of Attorney David Washington.