Why Us

With decades of experience in real-life legal situations, the lawyers and staff at LLG are uniquely qualified to handle all of your legal needs. We, along with our extensive network of professional have helped thousands successfully navigate through the legal systems whether in a divorce, custody matter, wrongful accusation of a criminal offense or sustaining serious injury at no fault of there own.

With this experience has come a wealth of knowledge we are determined to use to get you the best legal outcome possible.

When it comes to your particular legal matter we are aware that your case is unique and special and will do all that is in our power to make sure that your life will be enhanced by your choice to use our firm to assist you in this difficult time.

And while we understand that your case needs all the resources available to ensure a successful outcome we also understand that you have to continue to live during and long after your case is finished. With that understanding we attempt to structure and manage your financial obligation to your case and LLG.

Having depended largely on word of mouth referrals throughout it’s existence LLG strives for success and client satisfaction in each of its cases whether it is a small dollar case or one that will have an economic impact for years to come. Our marketing philosophy begins and ends with the way we treat our clients and even our adversaries. We believe that if we show ourselves as dedicated and hardworking professionals we will reap the benefits of a solid and fruitful client base. That is, when we do a great job for our clients they are bound to tell others about their positive experience with LLG.